French soap equality now!

While we have made progress as a society in correcting many historical injustices, some groups have been left behind. When it comes to French soaps, for example, some soaps which benefit from institutionalized racism and discrimination flaunt their so-called supremacy over other soaps. In the picture below we see a French soap proclaiming its disregard for the Enlightenment values of the French Revolution – values upon which America was founded as an experiment in universalism, forced equality and sameness.

It is time to put the bad old days of French soap inequality behind us. It is the year 2016, after all! It is time to end discrimination against some French soaps. We should require that all French soaps be advertized and bought in equal amounts by all consumers. This would correct a gross injustice and right a terrible wrong. Join us here at SF as we lead the crusade for equality, as we stand up for the downtrodden and fight against discrimination and bigotry on all fronts!




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      • Yes, Sir – the old video. As I’ve said, and will keep saying, The best way to deal with those matters we are, at present, forbidden to address, is through stone cold logick that is delivered with light-hearted sarcasm, and scathing metaphors.

        At this time in history, there is a need for us to deal with the rhetorick and ideas of our opponents with unflinching brutality, and, the only venue that can carry that, and yield constructive results, is humourous derision.

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