Scott Terry interview on ‘Rebel Yell’

My friend Scott Terry of Shotgun Barrell Straight recently appeared on the SN poscast Rebel Yell for an extended and fascinating discussion on Southern religion, philosophy, economics, fascism, Jewry and much more. SF readers will surely enjoy this podcast interview with one of the most interesting men I know.



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  1. I’ve seen the Rebel Yell podcast on TRS. Since they identified themselves as Southern Nationalist, I was going to ask if you are familiar with them.


    • I don’t know them but they are smart fellows. And it is nice to see others take up the SN label. I am going to do an interview with them tomorrow for their podcast.


  2. A fascinating interview, and one with which I found it difficult to disagree over anything.

    It was a sad conversation, however, Sir, for I could not help but think that all Southerners desperately need to be have to have a discussion, on this level, and yet, cannot; that in fact, our brothers are so many continents away from being able to do this, that, it is even difficult to begin a conversation with them, without having their eyes go glassy.

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