Identity trumps ideology in Southern primaries

Toni Monkovic points out for the New York Times that ideology is trumped by identity in Dixie’s politics. The writer notes that Republican front-runner Donald Trump has generally done better in States which have large Black populations than in more homogeneously White States. Monkovic notes that Trump’s greatest appeal is as a voice for the voiceless – especially working class White people. She writes that “An appeal to white identity tends to work better in areas where that identity is felt to be under threat. The South, where Mr. Trump has performed well, has long been known for racially polarized politics.” She goes to explain that race predicts political identification in the South, with nearly all Blacks voting Democratic and nearly all Whites voting Republican.

Monkovic also points to research which demonstrates Southerners’ concern about US-engineered demographic revolution which is leading to the racial replacement of Whites by non-Whites. That research also suggests that exposure to “diversity” actually turns Whites against expanding liberal social programs. It suggests that a more homogeneous society would probably favor more social benefits as such benefits would be preceived as helping one’s own people.



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  1. It’s worth reading the comments just to remind oneself that those people are not like us. I admit that even I have been caught up in Trumpmania and have subsumed Southern Nationalism to it. However, Trump is ultimately a stepping stone to Southern independence. Assuming he’s elected. I have to remind myself of that.


    • ‘Toni Monkovic points out for the New York Times that ideology is trumped by identity in Dixie’s politics.’

      I was on my way to posting the quote, above, pilfered for your post, Mr. Cushman, when, as always, I read Mr. Owens comment.

      That said, what I wanted to say, Sir, is what I still want to say, and it is this ; it is no victory ‘that ideology is trumped by identity’, when you know that identity is entirely wrong.

      Sir, while I understand we are all still in this godforsaken union, and that we all will prefer a candidate, I am utterly aghast at how many of my fellow Southern Nationalists have become Trump maniacks. It’s understandable for Yankee White Nationalists, I get that; but, for southern Nationalists?

      This man is a Yankee Manhatten shark, who proclaims himself a Christian, yet acts it’s very antithesis; proclaims himself an admirer of The Southern people, yet led the charge, with Nikki Haley and the Obama administration, to suppress our historic flag and monuments.

      Yes, Mr. Trump is a man of a certain genius, and yes, he would be good for trade – but, he is a petty tyrant, without a care in the world for governmental restraint, and would easily launch vicious repressions against us, if we dared defy the Northern belief, HIS BELIEF, that we are theirs; that it is our manifest destiny to spend eternity with them – WITH THEM – a bunch of godless traditionless, perverse, hypothetically addicted, race and kin denying scientifick egotists, who follow nothing but what they regard as the exigiencies of the moment, and who, hellbound to make sure everyone else in the whole world does, as well, want to continue moving forward to adopt a style of government that will regulate every man’s entire existence, from cradle to grave.

      I just cannot see being enthusaistick about being forcet into a union with those who constantly reserve for themselves the right to overrule us and make us over to their whim, and who fly intelligence gathering missions over us, all while employing their legions of spies to read internet blogs, and tuck our names into endless lists – ‘just in case’.

      Okay, Sir, I’ve blown my stack enough. Forgive my peevishness at our My Southron brothers.


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