SF on ‘Rebel Yell’ podcast

I recently appeared for an extended interview on the Rebel Yell podcast. We had a great time and discussed topics such as the Conservative Party government banning me from the United Kingdom, Our Southern Nation, Southern colonial history, the neo-cons, Trump, a Southern Nationalist Party, etc. The hosts were very well informed and identify as SNs. Check it out!



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  1. Sir, the Rebel Yell podcast is a wonderful thing. Although it is miniscule, there has to be a lasting effort to create a Southron media. I know I felt all alone, in the world, with my feelings, until I stumbled upon you interviewing Dr. Hill, at your ‘RedShirtArmy’ page, at YouTube.
    Since them I never lookt back. There will be many more stories like this, if there aren’t already.

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    • Yes, it is. I have offered to help them with guests, funds, equipment or whatever. I enjoyed it a lot.

      Thank you kindly, JD.


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