‘No room for hate’ as anti-Trump protesters riot

Anti-Donald Trump protesters have gone wild in Chicago, St. Louis and Dayton, telling us that there is “no room for hate” as they attack police, scream profanities and seek to harm Trump supporters. Apparently, this is what the US Left means when it calls for “tolerance” and “freedom of speech.”

The LA Times notes that the protesters were led by “Black, Latino and Muslim students” – though I did notice a lot of self-hating SJW Whites in the Chicago mob. The Associated Press points out that “civil rights” activists were also behind the madness and these violent criminals are looking to repeat their “success” elsewhere.

These people are out of control.

Rather than standing beside their party’s presidential nominee front-runner, “true conservative” Republicans are blaming Trump for the violent, Left-wing mob which broke up his rally.







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  1. Sir, watching it reminded me of being a child and seeing the mania at the 1968 Democrat Convention, in Chicago, and, generally, during that era – when riots, of every shape and form, were the order of the day.

    Your great dream of the Trump candidacy bringing the corrupt GOP to it’s knees, is a growing likelihood – as Trump’s being the nominee, leads to skullduggery of every sort; and, from there – well, who knows? 2017 might be the most promising year for The South since God knows when…

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