My apologies for the lack of new material here of late. There is so much going on in my personal life I have had little time for anything else. I plan on doing more with the blog but it will likely have to wait.

I sincerely pray all is well with my readers and friends!



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  1. We knew a woman was your problem. You’ve been at this, like a maniack, for years – take some time off; enjoy your life – then come back with a vengeance, after you have had Cushman Jr.

    My marital advice? : be easy going on small details, but, stand your ground on the big issues. Southern men often have a difficult time finding the middle ground, betwixt beating their wives, and being submissive to them.

    Make sure you have had at least one good argument, before getting married, so that, when the inevitable comes, it won’t seem like something ‘new’ & ‘strange’.

    Anyway, God bless!

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