SPLC: My deleted website is ‘hate group’

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a Left-wing activist organization which routinely labels Christians, conservatives and Southerners as “hate groups,” has updated its Hate Map to include a website which I took down a year ago. It lists the website, which was never an organization, as a “hate group.” By including individuals and websites the SPLC is year after year able to show a “rising tide of hate” – a fuction that it can exploit to raise money.

To be clear, my website was not a group. It did not hate anyone. And it hasn’t existed in about a year.




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  1. Sir, it seems to be a fairly popular occurrence by these Leftist organizations to promote the idea that having pride in one’s own people is a form of hate. On that account good sir, I must admit using their definition that your website was a “hate group” for without it, I and perhaps countless other Southerners would not have been exposed to the honour, strength, and integrity of having pride in the Southern race. I most humbly thank you for hosting that website for as long as you did and thank you for your continual efforts to advance the efforts of the Southern people.

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  2. Sir, the modus operandi is to inflate the number of hate groups in order to scare little old Jewish ladies into keeping those fat checks coming. Of course, since they are liberals who hate to do any real.work, they won’t actually go looking for groups to add to their roster. It’s much easier to sit in the office and web surf.


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