Solidarity with Andy Jackson

Whatever his flaws on States’ rights and his heated feud with the great John C. Calhoun, Andrew Jackson was one of us. He was of Ulster-Scots stock (I have been to his ancestral  home in Belfast), he fought to expand our living space on the Southern frontier, he battled to give us a more honest banking system and he lived the ideal life of a Southern plantation owner and patriarch. Our enemies are clear that the attack On President Jackson is a symbolic attack against us. So, we should stand in solidarity with Andrew Jackson. I do.




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  1. Jackson represents the time when America® was the South, and the North was an appendage.

    To Northerners, Jackson, Calhoun, Houston, Travis, etc., and even Washington, are distant, foreign strangers. Everything from the founding of Jamestowne and Charlestowne, to the Battle of San Jacinto and the Oklahoma land rush, are not a part of any history they know. It’s not their national figure that’s being removed from the 20$ bill. They’re from a different nation and people. It bothers them no more than the removal of some historical figure from Canadian money would.

    There will be no complaints from the Northern people whatsoever. This is just the latest example of what the Southern people need to relearn; Those people aren’t us and they’re not our fellow countrymen, or a part of our nation. And never were.


      • There is no independent Southern state, sadly, because of the invading hordes. But there is a Southern nation, i.e. a distinct ethno-cultural population in a given geographical zone. Just as the Irish pre-1916 were a nation without a state, or the Scots and Kurds today are nations without fully independent states (though they have more freedom than we do) so we are a nation without a state.


  2. As an aside; Any similarities between the Northern states, especially those laying to the west of Pennsylvania, and Dixie, is purely to the extent that they’ve adopted some elements of Southern culture. Or been influenced by Southrons on the Dixie Frontier.


  3. When I first heard of this my thoughts were similar to yours, but Jackson’s proudest accomplishment as president was the destruction of the second national bank, so I wonder if he would even want his face on a Federal Reserve Note. Still it’s a reminder that the US is not our nation or our culture.

    Happy to have found your new site, after the disappearance of the SNN, and congratulations on your engagement!

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  4. So the Southern Nation is like Nation of Islam it’s a Nation within the mind it’s followers. To bad your not as big organized as they are.


  5. It’s more than an idea. I can bring up the subject with any true Southrons and they instinctively and naturally agree with Southern Nationalism. My wife’s friend from Alabama never heard of Southern Nationalism, but she agreed with it, once I explained it to her. It’s everywhere in Dixie, just beneath the surface. It’s natural and organic, like any real nation.


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