The politics of popularity

Former Texas governor Rick Perry, after garnering almost no support for his presidential bid, denounced Donald Trump in language almost identical to that used by Left-wing Social Justice Warriors. It was a harsh verbal attack which distinguished the cuckservative worldview from that of nationalists and identitarians. Conventional wisdom among political insiders then was that Trump was sure to eventually go down in flames.

That was then. This is is now. And with Trump having wrapped up the GOP nomination and leading Hillary Clinton in the polls Perry has had a sudden change of heart and now declares that he will help Trump and would like to be his vice president or serve in his cabinet. In recent campaign speeches Trump has laughed at and made fun of such politicians who strongly denounce other candidates and shortly thereafter endorse them.

This example of the politics of popularity points to a fact of human social and political patterns. Most people are not stridently ideological and will conform to the prevailing political or social order. If the government is communist most people will be communist; if it is nationalist most people will be nationalist. The tendancy of most people is to conform and follow. In an individualist liberal post-Modern mess like the USA today most people learn to accept transgendered bathrooms, abortion, feminism and a host of other social ills. This represents a steep challenge to Southern nationalists. But it is also true that people are easily swayed by popular political trends – especially ones which speak to emotional aspects of their identity.

Therein lies hope. Political opportunists abound. There are lots of elected officials like Rick Perry. His type is probably the norm. And the public will go along with those like him. If we gain more influence or power we will be joined by the likes of Perry and large segments of the non-ideological public.



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  1. Your article is right on target as usual, young man. Southern Nationalists need to realise that most of our people, like all human beings, will follow the leader no matter who he is. We really need two fronts in this fight for survival. One being to point out and ATTACK what is wrong. We are doing this now, and we are so far from what we once were, that what we are pointing out seems extreme. Our words are actually not extreme compared to 50 years ago, but today our philosophy “sticks out like a sore thumb”.
    The other front that should be opened in our fight for survival is to BUILD our civilisation as an example for others to follow. This front we are failing miserably, and until we can start building, we will be mired in the mess of the USA.

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    • Thanks. Scott. You are correct about building too. We need our own communities, our little Oranias. And nothing but willpower is preventing us from making them.

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