Confederate Mexico

Margot Metroland writes in a recent article for Counter Currents about Maximilian and Imperial Hapsburg Mexico as an attempt to reatore order and Europeanize the failed state of Mexico in the mid 1860s. Supported by industrious German colonists, Confederate refugees and the French Army, progress was made in turning Mexico around in Maximilian’s brief reign. Metroland notes though that the Union supported an unstable and weak Mexico fought over by warring and corrupt Mestizos and Indians – killing Europeanized Mexico before it could take off. When possible, it prevent Southerners from fleeing the defeated, looted and Negro-ruled South for a new start in Impeerial Mexico.

The writer also asks if “Mexico [might] have become the fulcrum of an expansionist military/commercial empire, eventually encompassing all of Central America, much of the Caribbean, and perhaps even South America — a Knights of the Golden Circle dream, fulfilling its manifest destiny?” This is a discussion not normally seen on White Nationalist websites and represents an advancement for our cause. Be sure to give Metroland’s article a read!

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