UK votes to secede from E. Union

Such great news from the UK where the people have voted to secede from the European Union and cuckservative David Cameron, the man whose government barred me from entering the land of my ancestors, is going to quit after his failed campaign against British sovereignty!

I had resigned myself to defeat, believing the controlled media’s narrative that the anti-sovereignty vote was surging. But the people of the UK prevailed. And I am happy for them!

Note: The EU’s leaders have reacted in a more civilized manner to the UK’s secession vote than US leaders did to Dixie’s secession votes in 1860-61. There is no talk of burning down London, pillaging the English countryside, raping thousands of British women or blockading the country from all foreign trade. Let’s hope that the EU continues to behave better than Lincoln’s regime.




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    • Raping thousands of women, killing a quarter million people, burning down cities and empoverishing millions atoned for sins? lol What sort of weird religion makes such a wacky and evil claim?


    • Actually Britain did have slavery, though. They had millions of slaves at one time. Under British rule Dixie had slavery and was wealthy, ordered and enjoyed a high civilization.

      Today slavery mostly persists in Africa, non-Whites enslaving each other but unable to build a high civilization like we have enjoyed for thousands of years.


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