A mainstream Southern alternative

A viable Southern alternative capable of drawing a large portion of the mainstream Southern public to our side is definitely possible. If we stick to a few key issues where we have broad support then SN can become an influential movement. On the other hand, if we descend into a spiral of vantardist black-pill rhetoric (which will drive off normies and associate us with the next Dylan Roof) then we will not grow or gain influence. Sadly, I have seen too much of the latter on social media. This venting and signaling never helps our cause; its temporary high from postering and proving how “hard core” one is comes at a big cost for our cause and any group affiliated with such rhetoric.

We have already seen how the UKIP succeeded in secession from the (anti-) European Union by targeting only a few key issues (UK sovereignty, EU corruption and mass immigration). And we have seen how a violent vantardist nearly sunk UKIP’s broad coalition of patriots and secessionists. As SNs we should learn from these events; there is much insight here to be gained.

Below are a few observations I offer for those interested:

  • SNs must decide if they want to be a serious political movement or a paramilitary/militia force. If they want to be the latter then they should keep their distance from any pro-South or Right-wing political effort because their affiliation with such an effort will only hurt the group’s public image and damage their cause.
  • SNs who are serious about having a positive political/social impact should disavow language glorifying violence, terrorism or illegal activities. There should be a strict no-tolerance policy on this matter.
  • SNs should limit their political platform to a few key issues (such as regaining sovereignty, restricting immigration and saving jobs) on which they have broad public support. They should relentlessly hammer home these positions and over time seek to “own” these few issues rather than try to take a position on dozens of controversial matters.
  • SNs leaders should be disciplined in putting forth a positive, clean-cut, welcoming and professional image. They should also stick to the few key points of the platform. Anyone unable to comply with this should not be a leader at any level.
  • SN groups need to have a way to choose new leaders and cultivate new talent. A successful group can not be a one man show like so many failed WN efforts in the USA.
  • SNs should focus far more on what they share in common with the Southern public than on their differences.
  • Vantardists should be unwelcome in SN circles; SNs should seek to recruit normal, healthy, family-oriented men and women rather than loners who use extreme language and talk of violence.
  • SNs should look to successful nationalist European parties (such as UKIP, Front National, Sweden Democrats, Austrian Freedom Party, Alternative for Germany, Danish People’s Party, etc.) and examine what works and what doesn’t. SNs should seek to emulate those approaches which work and be willing to give up approaches which fail.


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