The United Kingdom proved that peaceful secession is possible absent an Abe Lincoln figure to prosecute a war to maintain central supremacy. It is certainly past time for a #TEXit – for the people of Texas to take back control of their border, monetary system, trade agreements and other important policy decisions currently decided for them by Left-wing Feds.

Feel free to spread the following #TEXit memes far and wide!







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  1. it’s my fervent hope that Southern Nationalists adopt the activism style of the Texas Nationalist Movement. TNM already use potent Southern Symbols. It’s just a matter of expanding the number and types of symbols to encompass the whole South.
    For instance, the slogan; “The cultural, political and economic independence of the people of Texas, could be reworded to ” of the Southern people.” Simple message, simple platform. It’s working. It’s also my hope that Southern Nationalists touch base with the TNM.

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