Progressives maintain ‘Narrative’ despite rising anti-White violence

In the wake of the Dallas Massacre, in which Black Lives Matter activists targeted and murdered White policemen, the Progressive Left has failed to aknowledge the deadly consequences of its often-hateful rhetoric and is attempting to maintain its pre-Dallas racial narrative (known to AltRighters and Southern nationalists as simply “the Narrative”) in which Whites are collectively racist, evil and on the “wrong side of history” whilst Blacks and other non-White groups are helpless victims of White racism). This not only follows the horror of the Dallas Massacre but also a growing number of copy-cat racially-motivated attacks across the South in which Blacks have targeted Whites and policemen. To use Progressive-style rhetoric, the Left has contributed to a climate of anti-White hate and fear that has encouraged Blacks to murder White people and policemen out of racial hatred.

Richard Parker’s recent featured article for Politico is an example of the Progressive Left’s failure to come to terms with the consequences of their rhetoric. Parker describes the deadly horror of Dallas as “unfair” and “unlucky” due to the fact that “Progressive Democrats have controlled local government for 20 years.” Parker describes the old Dallas – a once safe and orderly city governed by Southerners – as “virulently white, racist and reactionary.” He invokes “the remaining scar of America’s greatest sin: slavery” in his coverage of anti-White massacre. And he never once strays from the Narrative. Instead of focusing on the pain of families torn asunder by the murders, Parker examines the events through the lens of how they could possibly harm Democrats and set back the “progress” of anti-White policies.

It is time for Leftists to consider that their racial rhetoric demonizing Whites and police officers has a profound impact on society and can motivate unstable elements within their ranks to take up extreme violence.

The Narrative is not reality. Journalists need to come to terms with this rather than churning out thoughtless articles which simply re-state the anti-White bias of the media and academia.




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  1. The mayor of Dallas is a Yankee transplant. Then there’s John Wylie Price, the loud and outspoken Black city councilman, under investigation and indictment. Finally, at a lot of places in Dallas, it’s hard to hear Southern spoken anymore. The native Southern/Texans have little to say or do about all this, but lament. There’s a lot of hidden, seething anger among the native Southrons here. No doubt, similar sentiments obtain in the rest of Dixie.

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  2. I concur with James Owens. My family has inhabited the Dallas area since the 1880s, having migrated from TN,MO. Big cities in the South seem to be anchors for Yankee infiltration and enclaves for various anti Southern ethnics and scalawags. Their influence knows no boundaries and their push into traditional Southern communities is relentless. I fear the areas now under their control are lost to us forever. We must find a way to establish some control over what we have left to us.

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    • I could sit in Valley View Shopping Mall with my eyes closed and think I was in Minneapolis by the accents of the the people around me. Model train stores start stocking Boston and Maine, and all the Katy and MoPac stuff gets scarce. I get laughed at for the way I talk. That’s when I’d head back to the Red, but not before stopping at Dickie’s BBQ pit, just to remind myself I was still in Texas, and not New Jersey.


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