Summer of 2016: violence & protests

As the summer heat settles in, it is beginning to look like we have a spreading Black insurgency against the pro-Black government (headed by a Black president and attorney general) in the USA. This appears to be a case where the government is simply not radical enough for the Black Lives Matter, NAACP and Black Panther crowd.


In 2011 Black and Muslim rioters looted and burned London and cities across England. France suffers nearly constant rioting from its huge Black and Muslim populations, with major riots in 2005, 2009 and 2013. Hundreds of no-go zones have been created by violent immigrants where French police have lost control. In 2013 once-peaceful Sweden was rocked by riots started by Black and Muslim immigrants.


Last year saw a rise in Black unrest in the USA as Blacks rioted, looted and burned downtown Baltimore and Ferguson.

Here are some of the latest developments in 2016:

  • Black protesters in St. Paul, Minnesota attacked police with bricks, bottles and fireworks and shut down Interstate 94. Over 100 protesters were arrested and several police officers were injured by the angry mob. Smoke bombs were used to break up the protest.
  • At least 30 Black protesters were arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The militant New Black Panther Party was involved in clashes with police. The Texas shooter Micah X. Johnson as been confirmed as a former member of the armed group.
  • Protesters shut down traffic in Fresno and Clovis, California and briefly occupied a local mall.
  • The NAACP led a Black ptotest in Edgefield, SC demanding the resignation of a judge. They chanted, “We are here to fight racism!”
  • A Black man fought racism in Bristol, TN by killing an unarmed White woman and shooting and injuring two other random Whites as well as a policeman.
  • Protesters fought with police and many were arrested in Rochster, NY and Phoenix, AZ.
  • Black activists shut down traffic in parts of Chicago. Some flew the Pan-African Flag which terrorist Micah X. Johnson flew and posted on his Facebook page. Some of the protesters scuffled with police and were arrested.
  • Hundreds of Black Lives Matter activists shut down traffic and protested in Augusta, GA while smaller demonstrations were held in nearby Aiken, SC.

This is just a sampling of the anti-White unrest and violence throughout the Western world. It fails to look at the mass invasion and resulting criminal increase in Germany, Greece and Italy as well as other countries. In the USA this summer looks to be especially chaotic and violent. Sadly, the unrest will be centered in Dixie – an unfortunate symptom of the current anti-Southern regime. Stay vigilant, folks.






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