Reign of Terror in Nice, France

Ironically, the people in Nice, France today were celebrating Bastille Day in honor of the beginning of the French Revolution – the motto of which was “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” That revolution overthrew the monarchy and church and led to the “open society” of today which has resulted in France being secular, democratic and full of Muslim and African immigrants who are basically at war (politically if not physically) with ethnic French people. And it was a Muslim immigrant from Africa who killed the 84 people today. I doubt anyone on TV will point this out, but the people of Nice, France were celebrating that which made their slaughter possible. How tragic! In a sense the French Revolution (which many traditionalists view as the single most pivotal event in history) claimed 84 more lives today and threw France into chaos yet again.




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  1. Articles like the one above is why Southern/White nationalist are considered a joke and will attract a very small following of losers.


    • You dispute none of the points but insist that it is a joke. We are growing in influence. And all y’all do is insult us. Please keep the insults coming. Please keep openly siding against White people. It is driving up our support.


  2. We just need more Diversity and Multiculturalism! That’s the solution! Not ! We need growing numbers supporting Nationalism and White Pride! Deo Vindice !

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