Anti-Southern violence, secession & Confederate flags in the news

These news stories may be of interest to SF readers:

Fortune notes that political polarization has led to “increased discussion and prominence of the notion” of secession.

Donald Trump, Jr. recently signaled his support for the Mississippi State Flag (which contains the Confederate Battle Flag), saying that there is “nothing wrong with some tradition.”

Confederates of Michigan, composed of Southern ex-pats and Southern sympathizers, recently held a pro-Confederate flag demonstation in Leoni, Michigan.

Anti-Southern activist Benjamin Chase was arrested in Charleston, SC after assaulting members of the South Carolina Secessionist Party (SCSP). Chase hit an SCSP member, broke a flag pole and reportedly attempted to choke a party member before being arrested. He faces multiple charges for his violent, anti-social behavior.

Speaking of the SCSP, the party is looking to erect giant Confederate flags around the Palmetto State – like what the Virginia Flaggers recently did in Danville, VA.

Police officer Silvia Cotriss of Roswell, Georgia was recently fired for flying a Confederate flag at her home after anti-White activist Lee Jenkins of the Black Eagle Nest Church pressured local White police chief Rusty Grant to act against Sgt. Cotriss.




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