Southern gals dominate Miss Teen USA; attacked for being White

Dixie Belles totally ran away with the Miss Teen USA competition. Miss Texas Teen Karlie Hay won first place and was followed by young ladies from North Carolina, South Carolina and Alabama. All were blondes, leading mixed-race (and far less attractive) Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Chrissy Teigen to attack the winners for their lack of “diversity” – in other words, for being White. Other anti-White and Leftist commenters also took to social media to attack the young winners for being White.

Update: Now Miss Hay is being attacked for using the N-word on social media years ago.



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  1. Not the N-word!

    Never mind the reverse racist sour grapes, right. They only want one thing…what we have. If we gave it all to them and built something new, they’d want that next. Give them their own pageants, and they just want ours…and to bitch about it when they can’t break the top five.

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  2. Back in school, the best of the Northern transplant gals couldn’t hold a candle to our Texas gals. And some of them were from Arkansas and Louisiana.😁

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