Re: SPLC spin article on SN Flag

The Southern Poverty Law Center – a radical Left-wing organization which has amassed a fortune by using unethical tactics to attack Christians, conservatives and White Southerners in particular – has a new spin article on the “origins of the Neo-Confederate ‘Cushman’ Flag.” Despite its name, the SPLC is mostly administered by Jewish Leftists (such Mark Potok, Heidi Beirich and Joseph Levin) and who support open borders, mixed-race marriages and mass Third World immigration as a means to displace the Southern people and deprive them of any measure of political self-determination. Their latest article provides no new information on a banner I helped design which has always been called the Southern Nationalist Flag – not the Cushman Flag. Likewise, the banner was a specific departure from reactionary (and LARPing) neo-Confederate approaches and part of an attempt to foster a popular and vibrant mainstream Southern alternative to the present hostile system forced upon us. It was an attempt which saw some temporary results (in terms of wide distribution of our message) and inspired excitement for a time.

I remain committed to a populist and mainstream approach to Southern nationalism which can capture the hearts and minds of millions of Southerners. And the SN Flag has happily remained popular with Southern nationalists and will doubtlessly be part of any effort to save our people.




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