Olympics highlight failure of Brazil & post-plantation societies

As Politico recently pointed out, this year’s Olympics in Brazil have highlighted the country’s corruption and inefficient Left-wing democratic government, heavily polluted environment, crime epidemic and suffocating poverty. With its “vast natural resources that carry immense potential for the country’s economic and environmental goals” and large (47%) White population, Brazil has long been seen as a future powerhouse. And yet, it has failed economicallypolitically and socially, especially since the fall of its authoritarian military regime.

With their elusive dream of universal equality, democracy and the inevitable March of Progress, Western elites in government, media and academia continue to heap their ideologically-motivated aspirational schemes upon once successful plantation societies in the Western Hemisphere. Brazil, Haiti and the Black Belt of the South – all once wealthy, orderly and thriving societies under a paternalistic regime of inequality – now suffer immensely due to the unworkable policies imposed upon them.

Can Brazil (or for that matter the Southern States) be restored to highly cultured, affluent and safe societies? Of course. But in a climate of Progressive intolerance, it will take courage to frankly evaluate obviously failed egalitarian policies. And this is the first step towards making Brazil, Dixie and other post-plantation societies of the New World great again.

brazil Olympics

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