Drudge goes Altright?

As previously noted on SF, the politics of popularity are powerful. Influential people and groups will tend to come around to your positions as they gain public notice and acceptance. This is what is going on with the Altright, an informal group of young-ish Internet-savy Rightists described by The Washington Post as “racially conscious and opposed to new immigration.” It is interesting to watch as older mainstream conservative voices such as the highly influential Drudge Report begin to sound increasingly Altright, adopting rhetoric and focusing on important issues largely ignored by the Republican and #TrueConservative mainstream. Just check out the headlines from Drudge pictured below and the stories.

Note: Check out Rebel Yell for an intelligent and entertaining fusion of Southern nationalism and the Altright.



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  1. The conservative media no longer can ignore the Demographic Replacement of our People. That and the continued race riots across America! America’s in a downward spiral created by the forced integration of the races. We need a Free South for the survival and advancement of our People. Deo Vindice !

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