National Review goes fully anti-White

The neoconservatives at National Review are again advising the Republican Party to ditch the rising tide of White identity politics in its ranks and instead embrace globalism and White guilt over slavery and segregation. The failing journal (which has lost tens of millions of dollars and is kept afloat by big donars) got Indian immigrant Avik Roy to write the article. In it Roy admits that other racial groups in the US are encouraged to have identity politics for their groups. He notes the double standard and attack on Whites and Christians but says that they have a moral duty not to pursue their own interests.

What else would you expect from a magazine whose writers believe that White working class communities deserve to die?


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  1. The Alternative Right has become mainstream. That includes many who share our views on Southern Nationalism. The National Review and other Cuckservatives / Neoconservatives have a focus on Jewish Supremacy and Zionism. The Cucks put the interest of Jews before all other races. The American Empire is a gigantic tool of the Jewish Supremacists. The Cucks denounce “racists” but support the most racist state in the World! Just another reason for Southern Independence and a real secure future for our People. Deo Vindice !


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