Elites worry about challenge to US democracy

The democratic system of universal enfranchisement and massive Big Media influence which has enabled US elites to adopt policies which are rapidly transforming a previously stable and mostly homogeneous country demographicallyeconomically and socially into a Third World hellhole may finally be challenged. The Leftist Politico reports:

Interviews with more than a dozen senior GOP operatives suggest growing panic that Trump’s descent down this alt-right rabbit hole and, beyond that, his efforts to de-legitimize the very institutions that undergird American democracy—the media and the electoral process itself—threaten not just their congressional majorities or the party’s survival but, potentially, the stability of the country’s political system.

Challenge a system which the hostile media openly gloats is replacing us? De-legitimizing a system which is literally killing us? Gathering public support against a system which rejoices in the destruction of our heritage?

This is the best thing I have read in days.




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