Fitzhugh & the Alt-Right

Recently, Hunter Wallace at Occidental Dissent has highlighted the connection between Southern nationalism and what is called the Alt-Right – a politically-incorrect movement which has gotten a lot of media attention with the rise of Donald Trump‘s populist nationalism and Hillary Clinton’s big speech against it. Wallace noted that George Fitzhugh, an Antebellum intellectual and author, led an early “Dark Enlightenment” which rejected the Progressive Jeffersonian and Classical Liberal foundations of Americanism in favor of inegalitarianism, romantic nationalism and racial realism. In fact, there are a number of similarities between Fitzhugh and the Southern nationalists of the 1850s and 60s and the Alt-Right of today:

  • Fitzhugh used intelligent but often extreme and triggering language (to Leftists and mainstream US conservatives) at the time in attacking egalitarianism just as Alt-Righters today delight in using triggering and sometimes funny, politically-incorrect memes to ridicule the Leftist manifestations of US culture.
  • Fitzhugh was highly critical of Classical Liberal “conservative” values and icons just as Alt-Righters today enjoy nothing more than attacking cuckservative Republicans who repeatedly sell out their base. Fitzhugh was as open in his criticism of Thomas Jefferson and other Enlightenment-influenced US founders as he was in attacking the Social Justice Warriors of his age.
  • Fitzhugh openly mocked feminism, radical republicanism, New Age feel-good religion, racial egalitarianism and universal enfranchisement in much the same way that Alt-Righters attack these sacred cows of the establishment.
  • Fitzhugh was unafraid to take his own side and challenged his fellow Southerners, Whites and traditional Americans to do the same just as Alt-Righters today challenge Whites, men, Christians and others to take their own side when being attacked by the Left rather than adopting cuckservative talking points to signal their high status to their attackers.
  • Fitzhugh focused most of his intellectual attention on refining the pro-South, pro-White argument by arguing from a position of strength and getting these ideas out to the public. He employed pamphlets and magazines to do so – the “Internet” of his day – much as Alt-Righters today dominate the online conversation with memes, biting criticism and humor.

Alt-Righters and those interested in defeating the Left and/saving the South should check out Fitzhugh. Be sure to read his books Cannibals All!, Or Masters Without Slaves and Sociololy for the South.


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