Sweet as the Golden Circle

I noticed this sugar packet this morning while enjoying some strong coffee in the beautiful Land of Flowers. It not only promotes Southern identity in a positive manner but also highlights an important crop tied to our Golden Circle heritage Рsugar cane, which was the first plantation crop. As I noted in my book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future (American Anglican Press, 2015) sugar cane was first cultivated on proto-plantations by Europeans in the Crusader States and then transferred throughout the Mediterranean, to Iberia, to the eastern Atlantic Isles and finally to the New World. From Brazil the plantation system was transferred to the English Caribbean and finally to Carolina and what became greater Dixie. It is wonderful to see a reminder of our glorious past.


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  1. The American Empire’s goal is the elimination of Southern Identity and all Ethnic Identity in the name of World Government. The speeches at the UN all focus on the same World Plan. Deo Vindice !

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