St. Augustine, FL Confederate memorial

This week I visited the Confederate memorial in downtown St. Augustine, the oldest city in Dixie (and one with deep Golden Circle roots), while on vacation with my wife. I noticed it from across the street as a beautiful memorial with canons and a cross. And I was pleasantly surprised that this wonderful monument to the sacrifice of Southern soldiers, which I found out later is the oldest Confederate memorial in Florida, is still standing in this age of anti-White political correctness. It is a testament to our rich heritage as an ethno-cultural nation. I hope SF readers will enjoy some of the pictures I took of it.



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  1. Awesome!!!

    That’s a great monument. We were vacationing in that area two years ago but ended up missing out on St. Augustine. That monument looks reason enough to wander back that direction.

    Thanks for the pictures!

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  2. One time, I saw where some young college girl claimed that the North was older than the South. Not so. If you include Texas, Louisiana and Missouri in the Spanish and French Golden Circle, it’s certainly not older than Dixie.

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