Why does ‘our’ media hate us?

I haven’t written much lately. Mainly, I have been watching coverage of the last competitive US presidential election over at Occidental Dissent – and watching the media unite in attacking the only mainstream presidential nominee in my lifetime who has promised to improve our demographic situation, save our jobs and get tough on ghetto thugs.

But here is an opportunity to point out why we have such an overtly hostile media – because they are not ours. The US media is not staffed and own by people who share our ethnicity, faith or historical experiences. They have no interest in our political welfare, demographic survival or cultural decency and make little pretense to the contrary. Unfortunately, we suffer a hostile, foreign press to misinform and misdirect our people with an endless, foul stream of propaganda.

Southern nationalists propose to change this. We demand immediate steps to break up Big Media and replace it in the South with a home-grown Southern media which is responsible to our people and is staffed and owned by fellow Southerners.


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