SPLC’s stupidity

The Southern Poverty Law Center (a far-Left, anti-White organization which has amassed hundreds of millions of dollars by unethical means while destroying countless reputations and lives of anyone to the Right of John McCain) has a new attack piece out against my friend Brad Griffin. And it is really, really stupid.

I support Donald Trump’s campaign for the same reasons Griffin does. It does not conflict with my Southern nationalist beliefs as I think Trump has already been good for the Southern people and our national interests. He has exposed and discredited many leading cuckservative Republican politicians in the South who oppose our interests. If he wins he will do good things for us in office like slowing down Third World immigration, avoiding a war with Russia, defeating ISIS and undermining the cult of political-correctness. If he loses he will have done much to split the globalist elites off from the Republican base and showed people that an alternative to cuckservatism is possible. He will have raised expectations for millions of Southerners, radicalized them and pointed the way towards something better than John McCain-style globalism.





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  1. You’ve got your wish, Sir : Mr. Trump is tearing down the Party of Lincoln, and will do so whether he wins or not.

    As to voting for him, I certainly know plenty of Southern Nationalists who refuse to vote in a New England Government election, but, I disagree. As long as our fellow Southerners cannot seem to locate their balls, then we will have to fight in this landscape.

    I’m voting for Trump. Any White Southerner, or half White Southerner, who does not, is missing a serious chance to wound our enemies.

    Follow the celestial sequence – first Farage and Brexit, then Putin ejects Rothschild ouy of Russia, … now Trump –

    Junius Daniel

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      • Thank you, Sir. I left for a while because I realized that romance was upon you; and, that so, I knew where your intensity would be heading.
        I’m happy for you, and wish you good luck.
        This has been a good year, politically – and I expect more to come. Tending to a group of Confederates, at Facebook, I have noticet a considerable rise in secessionism – evidences of which are the amount of folks now flying our sacred flag, and, as well, by the radical decrease of Southerners who are no more flying the New England flag – but, were, just a year of two back, still issuing sentimental manifestoes over it.
        Yankee-Doodle-Dandy-itus is down, and with the gross excesses of The Left, a burgeoning Black Nationalism, severe national financial decrepitude, overt repressions against the media figures on the right, (most notable Dr. Savage) bode well for us, because it is sickening a lot of people.
        And let me not fail to mention that many Tarheels are shockt by the coming out of the closet party that the government national media has held- in repressing Wiki-leaks, while fabricating Trumpt-up fondling allegations against Mr. Trump.
        If he wins he will do some very helpful things – most notably shutting down the mud-race immigration rampage, and, as well, appoint strict constructionist states’s rights orient justices to the bench. And if he loses, he is likely to create a Nationalist Party, and that will immediately end the monopoly on power that the two parties have. In fact, it will likely destroy The Party of Lincoln.
        Further, rising Nationalism, of any stripe, is helpful to us, as is vociferously vocal leaders. Also, many SC scalawags were turned out of office, this year, for their collaboration with the Indian Empress of that state in taking down our flag.
        Wiki-Leaks, I believe, is, and is going to have, a devastating effeckt on the way Southerners view their government. Whether it is the premeditated cheating of the erstwhile Southern White man’s party to deprive Bernie Sanders of the nomination (2,000,000 Sanders’ ballots discovered uncounted in California warehouse) or the in depth collusion of the FBI, The Oval Office, and the Justice Department to shore up the candidacy of Miss Hillary’s campaign, or the anti-Catholick revelations of Miss Hillary’s inner circle, or the New England Republican establishment’s repeated attempt to hijack the Southern peoples’ candidate, Mr. Trump, this goes far beyond The Watergate Scandal, which took two years to come to full fruition, with the resignation of Richard Nixon, from the presidency.
        After the election, the press will have nothing to do, particularly Fox, but to delve into the Wiki documents, and one scandal will lead to another.
        Sad notes were the death of Antonin Scalia, and the deposing of Alabama Chief justice Roy Moore, though, as he is likely to run for governor, and replace scalawag Bentley, that is welcome news, because, he, too, is not only a vociferous advocate, but the most preeminent exponent of what I think of as our ‘Natural Southern Law’.
        I could go on, but, I believe that we are witnessing an historical shift in the electorate, and in the consciousness of the citizenry. More and more people have become aware of the diabolical nature of those purporting to rule over us, and their wholesale willingness to campaign one way, yet govern another.

        Best wishes, Junius Daniel


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