US ‘Feeling Corps’ readied for Russians

GC World News reports:

Rancor between the United States and Russia continues to worsen with Hillary Clinton’s campaign charging Moscow with interfering in America’s presidential election – a charge the Russians have denied. DEAFCOM 3 has been declared as Cold War-like tensions have returned to the world stage.

As part of its preparations for a possible conflict with Russia the Pentagon has announced the formation of what journalists have termed a “Feelings Corps.” The group of veteran, mostly transgender soldiers is tasked with honing the emotions of the nation’s highly diverse service people. Colonel Bridget Cohen announced the formation of the corps at a press conference in Washington, DC flanked by LGBTQ service members and emotions experts. Col. Cohen called the body “an important step forward in preparing our people to be emotionally ready to meet the enemy.” Cohen, one of the highest ranking open transexual members of the US military, noted his extensive training in emotions studies and career working with soldiers who suffer from anxiety, depression and sexual confusion. The “Feelings Corps” will harness the potantial and often wasted emotional power of feelings to empower the military, Cohen explained.

Members of the press were shown a demonstration of the “Feelings Corps” at work. Col. Cohen led a small group of soldiers as they took hands, said nice things about each other and then closed their eyes and concentrated on the well-being and emotional fitness of the US military. At the end of the “positivity session” several service members as well as a number of journalists in attendance could be seen wiping tears from their eyes.

Asked to comment on the US “Feelings Corps,” a high ranking Russian military leader noted that Moscow had nothing of the kind. “Our men have combat training in Syria killing terrorists but we have nothing like your gay emotions group,” the Russian general commented. He laughed off suggestions that Russia might form its such group. “I do not think that is likely.”

Col. Cohen pointed out that the relative backwardness of Russia in the area of feelings and honed emotions, and especially the leadership potential of diverse transgender service people, gives the US a formidable edge in any possible conflict.




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  1. I’d say this must be a joke. But unfortunately, it’s probably not. On a lighter note., Clinton is no match for President Putin. He’s already out done her politically and diplomatically. She can’t handle people she has no power over and can’t intimidate.

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