We won the last debate

Each base essentially got what it wanted in the third and final US presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary promised higher taxes, amnesty for millions of illegal Third World immigrants, abortion, gun rights restrictions, hostility towards Russia and more “gibs me dat” for the underclass. Trump promised a border wall, no amnesty, lower taxes, gun rights, an end to abortion on demand and friendship with Russia.

But the most significant point was Trump’s note how heavily biased the system is and his refusal to say he will accept defeat if he comes up short. This is where we won. The present system is destroying Southern culture and our heritage. It is demographically replacing us as a people with Third World immigrants. It is miseducating our youth and shipping our jobs overseas. It is our death, essentially. And never before since the the 1870s have we had someone roughly on our side who refused to accept the results of a rigged democratic system in which we are the minority – and therefore can never actually win. Our people must doubt the legitimacy of the present system and begin to refuse to accept it if we are ever to get real change. We must not accept the anti-Southern, anti-White and anti-Christian regime which rules over us. And Trump is leading millions of Southerners to do this. That is why we won the debate.

Donald Trump

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  1. The Media, however, will work overtime to convince us otherwise. Unfortunately, the old Union states and their political allies on the Left Coast can out vote the South and the Interior West. Our fate, once again, is in the hands of factory workers above the Ohio river and Pennsylvania border. Hopefully they’ll see that Clinton is not really pro Labour Union/Working class., and vote for Trump.

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