Hostile elites offended by Trump TV ad

Donald Trump’s recent television advertisement blasting hostile elites has offended Minnesota Senator Al Franken (D) and a powerful Left-wing Jewish organization, Politico reports:

The TV spot warns of the influence of “those who control the levers of power in Washington” and “global special interests,” and it raised eyebrows among observers who said it contains anti-Semitic overtones. As CNN’s Jake Tapper noted to Franken on Sunday morning on “State of the Union,” commentators have pointed out that it targets three public figures who are Jewish — billionaire George Soros, Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen and Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Imagine running a television ad blasting rapists for their violent, unspeakable crimes – and then having an ethnic group come forward and announce they are offended by the attack on rapists because people associate them with that crime. The logical question at that point is to ask why people associate them with rape: are they doing most of the raping? The same applies to Trump’s ad. Why are powerful Left-wing Jews who advocate open borders, globalism and the econonic ruin of our land offended by an attack on the globalist elites? Trump mentioned nothing about Jews; he just attacked three hostile elites and suddenly powerful Leftist Jews come running to the defense of the hostile elites.

This is really not an issue I often address. And I have not been interested in following all of the ins and outs of the US presidential election. I would rather advocate for a positive Southern identity and discuss our glorious past and need for self-determination to survive as an ethno- cultural group in the future. But I saw this story and wondered if others also raised their eyebrows when Senator Franken and Jonathan Greenblatt of the Anti-Defamation League outed themselves. Publically identifying themselves as the shadowy figures who have sold us out will only hurt their ethno-political interests. Why would they do such a thing?




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    • The Jewish Supremacists don’t like people talking about Nationalism on TV. However the Jewish Supremacists are Ultra Nationalists for Israel. Funny how that works out. Hmmmm. WPWW !


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