Maximum winning proposal for Trump Administration

The following is a proposal for the Donald Trump Administration to ensure that President Trump is successful in implementing his America First agenda.


The Immigration Act of 1965 fundamentally rigged the system against the founding European-American population who made up nearly 90% of the US population in 1960. Whites, who make up the vast majority of Trump’s voters and the base of the Republican Party, are in rapid decline due primarily to Third World immigration. By 1980 Whites were down to 80% of the population and in 2016 to just 63%. Republicans are forced to gain larger and larger shares of the White vote to win national and state elections, putting them at a major disadvantage. Fore example, Ronald Reagan was elected president in a landslide in 1980 with 56% of the White vote. Mitt Romney lost the presidential election in 2012 while winning 59% of the White vote. Donald Trump may have nearly maxed out the White voting potential this year and won several states by the slimmest of margins. Sooner rather than later the demographics will simply make victory at the polls on a national scale impossible, much as the White decline has made it impossible for the GOP to win California and many counties of Florida and Texas.

Democrats openly and proudly celebrate the replacement of Whites knowing that permanent control of the government will soon be in their grasp. Open borders and amnesty for illegal non-White immigrants is the primary means today whereby Democrats expand their power.


Donald Trump is in a unique historical position. The GOP now controls the White House, Senate and House of Representatives. Trump was elected thanks to a massive White turnout. And he was elected while running on a platform of greatly restricting immigration and building a wall on the Mexican border. He promised to be the champion of his voters, 90% of whom are White. If he serves out his term without changing the rigged system against Whites and Republicans then he will have failed to Make America Great Again – instead it will become a majority non-White country and a one party (Democratic) state. Even states such as Texas which are solidly Republican and pro-Trump will in the near future be mostly non-White and Democratic. Demographics are destiny.

Therefore, Trump must improve the demographic circumstances for his voters and his party. He can not afford for the White House and Congress to pass back into Democratic control because they will surely pass an amnesty or at the very least keep the White replacement process in motion a bit longer, ensuring Whites fall off of the demographic cliff that leads to perpetual Democratic control of the government.


Trump must then improve the demographic circumstances for Whites and ensure the GOP maintains control in 2020 and beyond. To do this he needs a game changer.

We therefore propose that President Trump build a “big, beautiful wall” as he has promised. We propose that he go beyond this and enact a sweeping moratorium on immigration. He can justify this on the need to protect Americans from terrorism, drugs and gang violence and the political unrest in the streets which is likely to be present in the early days of his administration. He can explain to the public that the ban on Islamic and African immigration is intended to stop terrorism while the halt to Latin American immigration is to stop border violence, drugs and get a handle on the immigration system. The president should let this moratorium continue throughout his term. He can allow for exceptions by executive order.

We also propose that President Trump encourage local police departments to hold all criminal aliens they encounter and transfer them to Federal authorities for deportation. Local police encounter millions of immigrants each year and thus amplified deportation could lead to a significant outflow of aliens and likely Democratic supporters. Likewise, Trump should instruct his administration to prosecute a steady stream of high profile companies for hiring illegal aliens. His administration should also prosecute numerous small businesses that hire illegal aliens, including those in the housing, construction and lawn-care industries. As well, President Trump should enact a stiff tax (50% or more) on remittances to high offender countries such as Mexico, Guatemala and Peru in order to pay for the border wall. The administration should also offer a generous compensation to aliens who move back to their country of origin on the condition (punishable by imprisonment) that they not return. Trump should give Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who was a loyal and strong supporter of the president, a prominent role in this program of making America Whiter, more Republican and more pro-Trump.

Additionally, we propose that President Trump follow through on his threat to break up Big Media, nearly all of which oppose him and his agenda. Trump should cut off Federal funding for sanctuary cities. He should hold an investigation into Federally-funded higher education institutions and their Democratic bias with the aim of cutting off funds for such institutions unless they work to achieve greater balance in their hiring and class courses. To offset possible backlashes from the college community Trump should work to relieve the student loan crisis and thereby win college students over to his side. Finally, the Trump Administration should aggressively investigate and prosecute the Clinton network for its crimes. He should have in mind the goal of never relinquishing power to his enemies.

This proposal will improve the White demographics of the country, break up the hostile media and university-indoctrination complex and empower the native White Trump/Republican voter base. This is the path forward to achieve Donald Trump’s goal of Making America Great Again. It is a bold plan and one sure to stir stiff opposition from the Democrats, media and foreign governments, but it is necessary if Trump is to hold onto power, save his party and prevent the USA from becoming a Third World one party state.




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  1. ‘Trump was elected thanks to a massive White turnout. And he was elected while running on a platform of greatly restricting immigration and building a wall on the Mexican border. He promised to be the champion of his voters, 90% of whom are White. ‘

    May I? …

    ”Trump was elected thanks to a massive SMALL-TOWN REDNECK White turnout.

    He is there because of the forgotten good-ole-boy – the John Doe, Mr. Deeds, and Mr Smith, who have been fuming and fondling our rifle triggers, as we have watcht the devolution of the culture.

    May I mention the ladies, as well?

    Living in rural North Carolina, I can tell you that our ladies were more adamant about Trump than the men were. If I see a hundred ladies, every week, I doubt 5 of them voted for Miss Hillary – and two of those are negresses!


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