A Christmas reflection

It is a pleasure to go into a nice store to buy a gift for a loved one and have one of your own people kindly speak to you in your own dialect and accent. That is an increasingly rare and valued experience in this society. I just experienced it and reflected on how nice it would be if that were the norm again.

Merry Christmas, everyone.




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  1. We can make it the norm, by articulating our gratitude when we come into contact with it and by doing the opposite when socially degenerate phrases are used like “you guys” for instance, when mix company is addressed. That’s the one that I notice the most when my fiancée and I are being served at a restraunt or elsewhere.

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      • Funny you said that, Mr. Swor, because, not only is ‘you guys’ outlawed in our home, when my fellow Southerners address me as such, even when waiting on me in restaurants, I lecture them, politely.

        And, as for you, Mr. Cushman – things must be going haywire down in Aiken, but, up here, in northeastern North Carolina, thick Southern accents abound – and that includes with the youth!

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