‘Transparent’ creator calls for ‘Love Army’ against White people

Jill Soloway, the executive producer and writer for the television series Transparent, in a recent LA Times interview called for a “Love Army” of “women, people of color, queer people, and all otherized [sic] people” to form and fight against White people world wide. She expressed her “body shock” at Donald Trump’s trouncing of Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election and said that she wants to be “powerful and bombastic about civil rights and social justice” to re-shape cultural norms. In the interview Soloway noted that in Germany, the UK and much of the Western world nationalism is on the rise. “There is a global response for white people wanting to draw a line around their whiteness.”

To grasp Soloway’s extreme politics it might help to take a peak into her world. She was raised in a Jewish family in Chicago. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, an extremely liberal institution. Her father came out as transgendered five years ago. Her sister, Faith Soloway is a lesbian musician and anti-Christian performer whose productions include “Jesus Has Two Mommies.” Soloway was formerly married to a man but is now in a lesbian relationship with Eileen Myles, a poet from Massachusetts. Soloway’s oldest son is homosexual. She co-founded the East Side Jews, which is funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles.

Do Southerners really want their culture shaped by self-identified “queer” Jewish Hollywood elites pushing a far-Left, anti-White and pro-transgendered agenda? I don’t think so. The average Southerner has essentially nothing in common with Jill Soloway and her degenerate worldview.

,by Daniel Bergeron. Indiewire 2016. No PR/No Release on file.




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  1. Another tortured, demented bisexual, with a similarly mentally-ill father, aspiring to legitimize her weirdness through the galvanizing aura of “a cause”. Careful sweetie: White people, and we other non-otherized, could quickly have our own army, and that one will not have love as a strategy. ( and, Dear God why are so many of these freaks Jewish?)

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  2. The average Southerner has essentially nothing in common with Jill Soloway and her degenerate worldview.

    Nor with the country in which she resides. Nor with the people among whom she lives.


    • That, Mr. Owen, is certainly true for the vast majority of small town and rural Southerners.

      In fact, everything that Mr. Cushman has described about her background shows that she, as well as her family background is completely given over to The Devil, and thumbing their nose At The Good Lord.

      I am only too glad to live in an ancient and largely unchanged part of the Tarheel State that sees very few people such as Miss Jill,


  3. Dear Mr. Cushman,

    The only response I can conjure up, inside me, to reading of this person is a rather articulate one, other than to say that a reenactment of traditional Klancraft is what comes to mind.

    Yet, alas, it shall be unnecessary, as the coming Trump Supreme Courts are going to overturn a lot of major decisions, and send back to the states such issues as gay marriage, abortion, and prayer in school.

    The upshot of this is that North Carolina, as well as most other Southern states, are going to see a large scale exodus of The Solloway clan, in the coming decade.

    Let them live in the land of the culture that gave rise to them – Massachussetts and California, and we can go on as Mother Nature and our forefathers intended.

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  4. We have NOTHING in common with liberal-creatures like Jill Soloway and she has nothing in common with us. The main difference is not our religion or ethnicity- she’s Jewish while we’re Christian Southerners. It’s not even the vast distance between us on basic ideas of right and wrong, government or freedom. No, the main difference is none of those. It’s instead that she REFUSES TO ALLOW US TO BE FREE- she demands we accept her way of life, transform our society to one of her liking, of her values and morals. Meanwhile, WE JUST WANT TO BE FREE, away from the likes of her and her ilk. Why can’t we just go our own way Ms Soloway? Why must you try to rule over us?


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