Blame Russia (and take no responsibility)

I’ve decided to blame all my problems on Russian hackers. Pretty sure Putin is behind it. Yep. The best part is that if I blame Russia I never have to take responsibility for any of my own failings. True story.

It’s easy to shift blame for any and everything to Russia. You can do it too!

Let me quickly explain how this works. Say, for instance, that you take in hundreds of millions of dollars from the most powerful corporate interests in the world and then blow all of their money with nothing to show for it. Just blame Russia. Or, say you chose an untrustworthy and widely-hated person to put all of your faith in and they let you down in spectacular fashion. Just blame Russia. Or, perhaps you spend years insulting,¬†attacking and dismissing White people and then find out that these people don’t particularly like you. Just blame Russia. See how easy it is!




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  1. The Russians hacked the brains of all those Rust Belt Yankees and made them vote for Trump.

    On a serious note. Some commentators on Huff Po think that the Electoral College actually gives Southern and Western States more power than the Liberal Northern and Pacific Coast States. It’s Idaho or Georgia that’s at fault for electing Trump. However, it’s people like this that reenforce the need for Southern independence.

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    • The EC does benefit smaller population states, which includes many red states. But it also helps small New England states like Vermont, Rhode Island and Maine. All in all I think we gain from it. We definitely gain from the system of winning EC votes by states, even if they didn’t add 2 votes per state. Thankfully Third Worlders are concentrated in California and New York. If we could encourage more of them to leave swing states and move to California that would help us.

      Ideally we could trigger the liberals enough to make #Calexit a reality – they could take a massive percentage of “diversity” with them.


      • Reading what these people think leads me to understand why our Southern forebears decided to suceede. They really do want only rights and privileges for themselves, and nobody else. Argravating and frightening all at once. They haven’t changed much in one hundred fifty years.

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      • ‘Thankfully Third Worlders are concentrated in California and New York. If we could encourage more of them to leave swing states and move to California that would help us.’

        We need to ‘encourage’ all immigrants to The South, who do not embrace our culture, to find a higher existence elsewhere.


    • Dear Mr. Owen,

      People at the Huff-Po, and other Yankees like them, only feel that the electoral college gives us more power than them because it robs them of complete power.

      Any medium through which the small town and rural White, particularly of the South, might have a voice in The Empire that sees in him, his land, his resources, and his culture, it’s most prized colonial possession, has got to be bad … oh, so bad.


  2. When I was a kid, The Democrats were a schizoid party – divided between two sides that did not like each other – New England Liberals and Southron populist/conservatives; and, as such, they were the party for the working man, if not exclusively The White Working Man.

    These days, however, they are the party of telling the working man, particularly The White Working Man, how to think, how to speak, and what to and what not to do.

    They have changed, and, at the centre of this new psychick gestalt is a kind of petulant perverseness frozen in adolescence – anti-tradition, anti-convention, anti-God, and not only desirous to exceed every natural boundary, but, always quick to blame others for their own lacks.

    Curiously, the Democrat Party has become the party of the urbanite, as the electoral map made startlingly clear that the overwhelming majority of smalltown and rural terrain, of the 50 states, entire, wants nothing to do with it.

    I think that, never before, have the battle-lines NOT been drawn as regional, per se – such as North & South, but in rural and urban.

    My solution would be to return to state sovereignty, and then to allow those cities, such as Raleigh, Greeneville, Charlotte, and Asheville, in North Carolina, to be free city states – such as old Konigsberg of Venezia; this so that they could have their transgender socialist heaven, and we, of the rural environs, could throw out the last 65 years and go right back to 1950.

    Yes, if there is one thing that is clear to me – the last 65 years is a failed experiment that needs to be regarded as a ‘do-over’; or, at least, for the rural and smalltown man; we who have seen our life and terrain pillaged socially, culturally, and economically.

    Merry Christmas with your new wife. May The Good Lord grant y’all, Cushmans, a happy and healthy child to soon grace y’all’s home.

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  3. The Democratic Party is so liberal and communist even the average American doesn’t like it. Just an example of the “extreme left” doing it’s thing and not represent our Values. WPWW !


  4. Putin’s the only one with balls doing anything. For Christ sakes, they just killed the Russian ambassador at an art gallery.

    The worst thing is that liberals can’t process info. Instead they ignore it.

    The terrorist claimed part of ISIS and the left completely dodged the situation. That’s why we got Trump. I’ve been a public Trump supporter since the beginning. Especially being from South Florida, where 3/4 people are Democrat, I took a lot of heat. Russia just wants to get along with the world and apparently everyone now has a problem with Russia

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