Third World Chicago: What we want to avoid

Chicago, a majority non-White and Democratic-controlled city which even the Left-wing Huffington Post admits is “synonymous with political corruption”, experienced more vibrancy and diversity over this Christmas. DNAinfo reports that 37 people were shot, 11 of them fatally, over the weekend. This brings the number to over 4,200 people who have been shot in Chicago this year and 700 who have been murdered. The city is now a third Black, a third Hispanic and a third White, with significant Asian and mixed-race populations. In other words, Chicago looks like the demographic future of the USA which Democrats, Progressives and anti-White activists like Tim Wise have hailed as a wonderful thing. This vibrant, crime-ridden and diverse future is precisely what we Southern nationalists wish to avoid. At all costs, we want to avoid the tragic fate of Chicago.

Sadly, too many of our cities in Dixie are going the way of Chicago. This is a trend which could be reversed though. We know from relatively-recent history that when Southerners governed cities such as Birmingham, Atlanta and Memphis – and before these cities were crippled by political-correctness – our streets were much safer. Gang violence was unheard of then. Our schools were not dangerous. Even the poor and non-White parts of town were far safer than they are now. Families were more intact. Churches were more central to the lives of the people and set the moral tone for social interaction. Society in general was more civilized. That is a standard to which we could return if we re-took control of destiny. It is a far more promising prospect than the one which Tim Wise, Ta-Nehisi Coates or Time Kaine would like to force upon us.




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  1. If there is a way ‘to avoid this’ short of secession, Sir, it is difficult for me to see it.

    As you have alluded to, many times in previous years – a place like Chicago is simply following a witting/unwitting New England Yankee Government blueprint that sets up well-funded urban centres, in all states, which lead the pillaging of the small-town community, and which they use as a magnet to attract immigrants, who, in turn, will provide a demographick basis for skewing the ‘democratick processes’ that the native populaces of these states try to carry out to protect their culture.

    I have to hand it to The Yankee New England Government : it is a brilliant scheme for subduing and exploiting people, terrain, and resources, all with every semblance of legality and without a single shot being fired.

    Of course, this scheme is pharisaicial, at the least, though, as we know, they not only are not disturbed by anything diabolical, they embrace it, represent it, and foster it.

    Most importantly, however, is that the citizenry seems to have begun the process of shaking of the political complacency and apathy that has led to this dysfunction, over the last 50+ years.

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  2. We have to get rid of the Democratic and Republican parties. As long as we have a political system tied to Washington, we’ll not be able to change anything. On a side note: Last night, the Cowboys beat the Lions. I noticed a number of Lions fans are Mexican and actually live in Michigan. They’re comments all indicated that they’re even more virulently anti-Southern than their White, Yankee neighbours.


    • As always, Mr. Owen, I agree with you.

      One thing, however – for years I have had close relationships with many rural Mexicans in North Carolina (I speak Spanish very well) and they are very happy in the South, and like our ways.

      In fact, though most are swarthy, they, of all immigrants – along with Eastern Europeans – like Confederate flags and share our respectful, courteous, and tradition-oriented Christian world views.

      I say this because, I’d be willing to bet that the vast majority of those Mexicans, to whom you refer, are from big Mexican cities where they are similar in their views and lifestyles to city folk in this county.

      Now, the fact I mention this, does not, in any way, try to diminsh what you say – only to point out that the difference betwixt rural and urban is international.


  3. The Confederacy was fighting for the preservation of Southern Agrarianism and COMMON SENSE! Chicago and other big cities are the result of the Yankee Empire. That was the vision of a forced integrated society and industrial capitalism instead of the Southern Way of Life. Something we must continue the fight against…..the continued destruction of the South and rural America. WPWW !


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