The SPLC, LS & me

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), a far-Left and anti-White pressure group, has a new article out that mentions me. The focus of the piece is on Dr. Michael Hill and the League of the South’s transition. The part about me is mostly accurate – a rare accomplishment for the lavishly funded habitual liars at the SPLC. I did leave the League in 2015 and am no longer a member, though I have friends in the LS and agree with its stated mission. I left for two reasons: 1) as a working man I can not afford to jeopardize my family’s well-being by associating myself with those advocating political violence (as unfortunately some have been doing on social media for quite some time) and 2) because I believe that an increasingly extreme posture and image will alienate most Southerners and do nothing to advance Southern nationalism. I have not condemned anyone on our side and have no interest in counter-signaling those who are pro-South, pro-Christian and pro-White. I put a lot of time, effort and money into promoting the League several years ago. And my approach got us a ton of exposure in the media. I led numerous public demonstrations and was happy to do so.  I sought to make us a mainstream political vehicle for the Southern people, our faith and values. Things didn’t work out that way but I was hardly alone in the struggle. As the article states, I am friends with Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent and we generally see eye-to-eye on this and most other issues. Friendships such as this mean a lot to me. While I am no longer with the League I continue to advocate for my people and our well-being. My biggest contribution of late has been the publication of my book Our Southern Nation.



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  1. I am glad I am not the only one who has been put off by the League’s penchant for seeming violence, or at least some of the louder mouths of the group. It seems to have been escalating. I was impressed with Dr. Hill the time I met him some years ago, but he seems to have been ratcheting up some stuff that, as you say, is not all that helpful to the movement.

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  2. It’s my view that the League is covered up with informants now likely from the top. When a group starts pushing a violent agenda it’s evidence for a controlled group, influenced by informants. It’s sad, but seems the League is no longer a good org.


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