Atlanta Forum, ‘Rebel Yell’ & Antifa terrorists

Last weekend I participated in the first Atlanta Forum (AF), a successful gathering of Southern nationalists and Alt-Right folks friendly to Dixie. It was a lot of fun and a pleasure to meet so many truly impressive, patriotic young people who are interested in our ideas about how to make Dixie great again. I wrote a review of the AF for Occidental Dissent which was also published on There is also a good review of the event at Identity Dixie.

Antifa, a criminal anarcho-communist organization which recently rioted in Washington, DC and UC Berkely, failed to interrupt the AF but has become a violent threat to anyone who opposes their far-Left, anti-White agenda. They do not believe in free speech or the right to peacefully assemble. It is time for this politically-motivated street gang to be classified as a terrorist organization and crushed by the Trump administration. Please sign this petition.

I also recently appeared on the popular Rebel Yell podcast for a wide-ranging conversation about politics, history and the Vermont Question. Check it out!



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  1. The Alt South is a good tool for educating the public. Those involved in the Alt Right have another option for the survival and advancement of our People. The Communists have become extremely Violent in the American Empire against Freedom of Speech. Don’t see that changing. Those criminals will only be more extreme with Trump in the White House. Something the establishment politicians can’t ignore is the extreme left becoming more radical not only against Nationalists but mainstream Conservatives. WPWW !


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