This blog is a ‘hate group’

I guess we have hit the big time. The SPLC, a well-funded Leftist advocacy group, has labeled this humble blog a “hate group.” Of course, this blog is not a group of any kind – much less a “hate group.” But the US media, run by a hostile alien elite, regularly refers to the SPLC when it comes to what is or isn’t a “hate group.” To be a group an organization must exist that has more than a single member. This blog is not an organization. I alone write here. And I do not preach “hate” – whatever that means.

This is a game played by the millionaires who run the SPLC. They can use invented “hate groups” such as this blog to claim that “hate” is on the rise. Scary stuff. Fascism is on the march! Hatemongers are about to take over America! Then they can appeal to wealthy liberals for more of their shekels. Only your donation can hold back this growing tide of hate. So give until it hurts. Please. That is how the scam works. It sometimes gets far more sinister when it comes to their collusion with Leftists in the government, but that is how the money-grabbing side of things operate. I have a friend who was for years two hate groups all by himself. Seriously. Twice the hate! If they wanted to show a “rising tide of hate sweeping the country” they would just have to make him three “hate groups” and WHAM! just like that “hate” is up by 50% over last year. Only the scammers at the SPLC could be so openly crooked. Which is why the Trump administration should investigate them and shut them down. The “hate group” scam needs to be stopped. It’s wrong and it is probably criminal.



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  1. The SPLC has a lameness that is recognisably Jewish, in the dorky, New York/Massachusetts way. There’s not much about them that is Southern, other than their location.

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