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20150217_134336SF explores and comments on issues and news related to Southern identity, politics, history, religion, conservation and geopolitical developments. This blog is not affiliated with any organization. It approaches its subject matter from a pro-Southern, Christian and traditionalist perspective.

Michael Cushman is a native South Carolinian and Anglican who has been active in pro-Southern and traditionalist causes for over two decades. He studied history and teaching at the university and post-graduate level and taught English in Europe for several years. He has been interviewed by leading national and international media companies and is the author of the book Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future.

SF was born in May, 2015 and has already become a leading voice for the Southern people, our culture, faith, heritage and future.



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  1. Michael,
    With the current issues at hand, I’m desperately seeking a group or site that provides a sort of “base”. We need unity and leadership; everyone under one “roof”, so to speak. Safety in numbers. We need someone to lay out an agenda on what we all can and should be doing. All these separate pro-southern groups make it difficult. Everyone is too spread out with no real directive. I think it’s to the point where calling on our representatives to voice our concerns is all in vain. Our government leaders are part of the problem. They keep caving in. We are in desperate need of a consolidated group with a leadership that can create dialog and show reverence while leading our cause. Do you have any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your advice and suggestions.


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  2. Hi Michael, this is “Jack Ryan” from Occidental Dissent and other places. I didn’t know you were Anglican. So was I in Tennessee. Episcopal Church is basically Lib Left gay here in Chicago.

    Michael could you help me proof a short post I want to put up on Occidental Dissent? I am inspired to write under the influence of beer, I think it’s brilliant but Brad/Hunter W notices many typos. 🙂

    Thanks Michael


  3. Hey, there. This is Aedon Cassiel, the author of the “Ethnonationalism for Normies” essay at Counter–Currents that you shared part of here (southernfuture.com/2016/07/03/british-tribes-in-american-history/).

    Without going into too much detail (however, feel free to add me or send a message on Facebook, and I’d be happy to go into more detail there), I’ve recently fallen on rather hard times, and have *literally* no money to spend. But I’m definitely interested in reading your book! If there’s any chance that I could repay you for a copy with something other than cash, would you let me know?

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  4. Mr. Cushman,

    I’m glad that I just found your site. I found the link on Occidental Dissent. I only recently found Occidental Dissent, but decided that I would no longer visit that site. Too many commenters on that site seemed to like swastikas and held beliefs that clearly cannot be held by any Christian. And the material on that site seemed to give off an air of hostility. I’ll stick to the Abbeville Institute, and now this one, I think.

    I was born and raised an Arkansan, served as an Army officer for a while, and am now a Virginian, currently in law school. It’s my goal after school to simply live a Southern Agrarian life the best I can and preserve our Southern traditions, while I serve as a prosecutor. Your material I’ve seen so far is excellent, and I look forward to reading more.


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