As explained by US political leaders of nearly all stripes as well as important cultural and historical icons Americanism is a radical universalist creed. It holds that anyone from any race, ethnicity, culture or religion should be welcomed into the United States and can become an American. The entire human population is at least potentially American in a way that they are not potentially Japanese or Zimbabwean. Furthermore, advocates of Americanism hold that it is the moral duty of the USA to take in vast numbers of non-Western immigrants. And it is generally agreed upon by most Americanists that this will – and should – transform the US from being a mostly White, Christian and English-speaking country to being a majority non-Western society.

Americanism is a highly destructive ideology which has become central to the civic religion of the USA. It has been forced upon the Southern people through government schools, media and numerous governmental agencies. The propagation of this alien ideology is funded in part with taxes levied upon Southerners – even though the ideology itself aims to deminish Southern demographics and destroy Southern culture, transforming the South into something no longer recognizable Southern.

To foster awareness of this serious problem we are compiling a list of US leaders or important figures with quotes from them blantantly advocating Americanism.

Nikki Haley

Ronald Reagan

Jeb Bush