Our Southern Nation: Its Origin and Future by Michael O. Cushman was released on October 30, 2015 by American Anglican Press and is distributed worldwide on Amazon and by Arktos. It has received enthusiastic support from Southern nationalist leaders as well as respected academics in Canada and Europe.


“Cushman is clearly a serious scholar, as evidenced by the large number of footnotes and the impressive across-the-board bibliography containing citations of what are commonly described as “leftist” and “rightist” authors. Nowhere in his text are to be spotted grandstanding epithets on behalf of the Confederate Southerners or disparaging words against the Yankee Northerners. Mr. Cushman’s sober, erudite style will hopefully gain him an enthusiastic readership.”

-Dr. Tomislav Sunić of The Occidental Quarterly

“Michael Cushman’s ‘Our Southern Nation’ is a well written, tightly argued book that exceeded my expectations.”

-Brad Griffin of Occidental Dissent

“Cushman unleashes a painstakingly thorough arsenal of citations aimed at demonstrating to those with ears to hear, that the South ought not be thought of as a cultural part of the United States. Instead, it ought to be thought of as a unique civilization – a part of the so-called ‘Golden Circle’.”

Scott Terry of Shotgun Barrel Straight

“Michael Cushman in his concise yet penetrating work has provided the eagle eye view of the crisis present in many nations in the Western Hemisphere. He examines the rivalry between classical civilization and modern civilization and the disastrous consequences of the ascendancy of modernism and the defeat of the humane seigneurial civilization found in the Golden Circle.”

Harold R. Crews, Esq., Chairman of the North Carolina League of the South and host of Southern Nationalist Radio

Help us put Our Southern Nation in the hands of those leaders, academics, politicians and activists who need to read it!


Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future explores the place of the Southern people in their broader civilisational context from the perspective of the Southern nationalist tradition itself. It interprets from a pro-Southern perspective the best of present academic scholarship documenting the spread of classical civilisational patterns through an inter-continental network across the South Atlantic and into North America and tells the story of the appearance in the American South of the upper-most arm of a multi-national plantation-based society centred around the West Indies and stretching southward to Brazil. Our Southern Nation looks deeply at the question of how these roots outside of the Anglo-American tradition produced a unique nation in that portion of North America known as ‘Dixie’, and the fundamental connections between these non-American origins and the distinctive cultural, religious and political traits that have become a part of what makes Southerners a particular people in the ethnic sense. It further examines how international cultural connections accompanied with one-time prevailing sentiments regarding Southern identity led to the vision of the centrality of a West Indies based societal sphere in the vision of ‘The Golden Circle’ within Southern politics during the 19th century. In conclusion, it presents a picture of how through embracing its own classical inheritance and political visions which have been passed down within the Southern tradition, contemporary Southern nationalism is poised to move the Southern people to an entirely different place in relation to the other nations of the world than the one it occupies now: Our Southern Nation contains a positive vision of a future in which the South is once again a free and thriving power in the Western world.



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  1. As a typical Southerner growing up in the 1980’s, public schools, etc…our unique heritage was all but left out in favor of so called American history. This lack of identity can be evidenced in our people embracing the thugs culture or recently Rachel Dolezal, who even pretended to be black as the NAACP chairwoman and long time racial activist. Our people sadly grasp for any identity available because they are missing their own identity. This is the exact sort of drastically needed publication to handover our own cherished identity just as a loving father gives the ancestral inheritance to his children. I’m so looking forward to your book, “Our Southern Nation: Its Origin & Future”!

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    • I experienced the same thing here in SC, Tex. And my high school history teacher who identified as a Northerner bragged to our class that the strong Southern identity she first saw at our school in the 1960s was all but gone. For example, she bragged how they no longer played ‘Dixie’before football games and kids no longer automatically stood if she played it in class. She gloried in our loss of identity .


  2. I can’t wait for this Michael, as a long time history buff and a truth seeker this is going to be a real joy to read. I’ve read a lot but have yet to get to An Empire Divided or other works that explain how the South was a part of the greater Golden Circle region.

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